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"To become a successful singer requires more than merely a good technique."

~ Margreet Honig

Courses and Workshops 2022


Zen, Singing and Acting 2022
The summer course Zen, Singing and Acting was founded in 2009 and takes place every year at L'Huy Préau in France. During this six-day summer course, in addition to the vocal singing technique, attention is also paid to the physical and mental awareness . For example, drama lessons are given, and meditation sessions are held. The underlying idea is that when a singer feels physically and mentally strong, it shows on stage.
The permanent team of the course consists of Margreet Honig (individual singing lessons), Marc Brookhuis (Zen) and Elsina Jansen (group lessons acting / drama) and pianist Daan Boertien.
The course accommodates a maximum of ten international singers every year.

2 – 9 juli 2022 in L’Huy Préau, Frankrijk (
For further information, please email Marc Brookhuis at

Click this link to see the documetary video NPO documentaire about the Zen, Singing and Acting course.


Margreet Honig Summer Academy
The Margreet Honig Summer Academy (MHSA) also offers students the possibilty to develop their skills and personalities in diverse fields. During a five-day course at Schloss Weinberg in Austria, students receive intensive lessons in singing, acting and meditation.
The MHSA annually selects twenty talented students from all over the world who are coached by a staff of six teachers, Margreet Honig amongst them.

21 – 27 augustus 2022, Schloss Weinberg, Austria.
For further information, please email


Teach the teacher
The workshop ‘Teach the Teacher’ is all about collaboration. Here vocal teachers and students get together in order to strenghten and develop each other through intensive questioning and discussion.
The workshops will be supervised by Margreet Honig, who is very eager to share her insights and experiences with the future generation of vocal teachers.
Some of the teachers also attend the Margreet Honig Summer Academy and Zen, Singing and Acting courses. A great way to stay up to date on the developments of the MHF is to subscribe to our newsletter.

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