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Welcome to Margreet Honig Foundation (MHF), founded by world-renowned Dutch singing teacher Margreet Honig. The foundation aims to spread and preserve Margreet Honig's successful singing pedagogy for the future through three core activities: courses to singers, courses to singing teachers and documenting Margreet's teaching style. All activities are aimed at enabling professional singers and singing teachers to perform at the highest level.To achieve its objective, the MHF is entirely dependent on donations and support from third parties. Do you care about the MHF? Your donation will help us to pass on Margreet Honig's unique ideas to the next generation of singers and singing teachers. Klik hier for opportunities and more information.Your support is greatly appreciated!

Magdalena Kožená on the MHF


MHF Online Studio

– Observe Margreet Honig Teaching Teachers

Would you like to observe and engage with Margreet Honig's lessons? You can do so in this series!
Watch online as Margreet Honig teaches aspiring singing teachers. In a cozy living room setting, via YouTube, you can follow the participants as they give singing lessons and, at the same time, receive instruction. The language used is English.

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The lessons started at the end of September and will continue until June 2024. The sessions can be watched on YouTube at any time throughout the year.
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‘Margreet Honig – Der Freie Ton’ (documentary)

Big news. And something we as a Foundation are very happy about! A new documentary about Margreet Honig was recently released: "Margreet Honig - Der Freie Ton", made by well-known Swiss documentary maker Stefan Haupt.

With: Margreet Honig, Magdalena Kožená , Hans Adolfsen et al.

The documentary can be streamed at this link:

Cost 6 euros

See the trailer here (English subtitles).

More information:

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