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"So much beauty arises from interaction."

~ Margreet Honig

In May 2018 the world-famous Dutch vocal pedagogue Margreet Honig started the Margreet Honig Foundation (MHF). The aim of this foundation is to preserve, support and disseminate the successful pedagogy of Margreet Honig. All the foundation’s activities are designed to help professional singers and vocal teachers reach the highest level in their art.

In order to implement these goals, the Margreet Honig Foundation is completely dependent on donations and the support of third parties.

Would you like to support the MHF? Your contribution will help transmit the unique philosophy of Margreet Honig to future generations of singers and vocal teachers.

The Margreet Honig Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) in the Netherlands. This means that at least 90% of the efforts of the MHF are focused on the common welfare. This may entail certain tax breaks for donors domiciled in the Netherlands.

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