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Our mission and vision

The Margreet Honig Foundation (MHF) offers both vocal pedagogues and singers the opportunity to develop their skills more fully.

The MHF raises the funds supporting its activities to achieve these aims. These activities include the summer courses ‘Zen, Singing and Acting’, and the ‘Margreet Honig Summer Academy’, but also the training workshop ‘Teach the Teacher’.

"The foundation of every learning process is to learn from each other, to bring together the insights of teachers and students alike."
~ Margreet Honig

Margreet Honig has a special, holistic view of vocal pedagogy. A favourite saying of hers is that she does not want to see a singer , but rather a singing person..

In addition to a reliable technique, self-confidence and the joy of singing are central to her approach. These different aspects are all the focus of attention during the MHF master classes. Apart from vocal teaching, there is room for lessons in acting and for meditation courses. Both will help the singer develop into a complete, well-rounded artistic personality.

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