Preferring to work with aspiring singers Margreet Honig has tried to stay away from publicity. Luckily she has not always been successful at this.

For more information, and for obtaining an impression of Margreet’s way of working, please have a look at the list below. It contains a small selection of the many press releases on her person and her work, in print, in broadcasted interviews, on film. Choose a link and enjoy listening to or watching this additional, characteristic (and often funny) information.



In 2016 a Dutch TV documentary was made about Margreet and the summer course Zen, Singing and Acting“Zen in zang, oft bin ich mir kaum bewusst”

In a 2011 documentary film about auditions for the well known Dutch National Opera Academy Margreet Honig coaches one of the selected candidates. It is very interesting to see the different coaching styles of various vocal teachers. Go to: “Diva’s”



Margreet Honig has been a frequent guest in many Dutch radio-shows.

Listen for instance to: “De zin van het zingen” (2017)

Or, in 2015: NTR- Podium, “Je moet een zingend mens zijn.”

In one of the 2012 editions of this same programme:  “NTR Podium”


Newspaper article

“Een vrije toon is een bron van energie” – Trouw, 2011


Books about Margreet Honig

(written by Gordana Crnkovic & Margreet Honig)

True Singing (English version)

Der Freie Ton (German version)

Le Son Libéré (French version)