The MHF was founded in order to support the various activities of the internationally acclaimed vocal teacher Margreet Honig.

The main objective of the MHF is to pass on and transmit the vision of Margreet Honig. We therefore focus on all those aspects which are, according to Margreet Honig, essential in becoming a successful classical singer. Thus next to promoting the development of a good and reliable singing technique, an important aspect of our work is to help the singer develop a strong and individual personality, which will enable him or her to go on stage as a balanced, self-assured and, above all, happy artist.

Two special projects that aim at achieving these ends are the Margreet Honig Summer Academy and the summer course Zen, Singing and Acting.

The MHF does not only focus on singers on stage. Those who are successful in this profession are those who have received the right tuition. An important objective of the MHF is to hand on the torch to the next generation of teachers. Therefore those who aspire to become singing teachers are also invited to participate in the Margreet Honig Summer Academy. The format is that of teachers working with students under the guidance of Margreet Honig. The same applies to the summer course Zen, Singing and Acting, although in a more passive way. In this case one aspiring teacher can join the course as an auditor only.

Future plans also incorporate specially designed masterclasses for vocal teachers under the guidance of Margreet Honig.

For more detailed information on our course of action please read our Policy Statement.

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